UT SURI-EMU is one of the largest contractors in Japan. Offering jobs for foreigners with dedicated support for workers. UT SURI-EMU is the BEST option for anyone looking for stability.


UT SURI-EMU: Lots of employee benefits!

A solid company that respects Japanese laws. Benefits for workers:

  1. May available na apartment;
  2. Tulong sa lipat-bahay;
  3. Employee assistance;
  4. Maaaring makapag-cash advance;
  5. Jobs for Japan residents with Long term visa, Permanent, Spouse or Child of Japanese. From first day Shakkai hoken, Koyou hoken, Yukyuu;

+ workers
+ places of work

Hiring NOW: Auto parts - Job opportunity sa Hofu (Yamaguchi)

Makakapag simula agad! Tumatangap ng lalaki at babae!

Hiring ng manggagawa sa car parts factory sa Yamaguchi (Hofu)

Hiring ng manggagawa! Makakapag simula agad!!

Service 1: Salary ¥1.400/h, ¥200.000 total of Incentive BONUS yearly! Can communicate in japanese, Urgent hiring!
Service 2: Salary ¥1.200/h, tumatangap ng lalaki at babae, Can communicate in japanese, Urgent hiring!

Stable na trabaho!!

Ideal for those who want to save money!

  • Press machine, supply, assembly, production, verification (kensa), packing.
  • May available na apartment, tulong sa lipat-bahay!
  • Meron sogei o gasoline allowance sa sariling transportasyon.
  • May overtime depende sa produksyon (good monthly average)
  • Shift 1: 8h às 17h, Shift 2 : 20h15 às 5h20

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